12 Days of Patchmas – Day 4

12 Days of Patchmas – Day 4

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Designer in Your Life

Scrambling to find the perfect gift for the designer in your life? Patch has got you! We’re here to put your worries to rest and inspire you so you can head out to the stores with a plan and confidence while shopping for the designer you love.

Our design team has compiled this killer list of last minute gift ideas for the designer in your life.

1. The Five Minute Journal
The Five Minute Journal
The Five Minute Journal was designed for those who have started and stopped journals in the past. With a simple 5-minute guided format, you can easily commit to a daily empowering habit that actually sticks. The journal design is based on positive psychology research highlighting the health and wellness benefits of starting and ending each day with gratitude. Increased happiness, improved relationships, and a more optimistic outlook lay ahead!

2. Signature tea mugs by Tease Tea
Tease Tea signature mugs
At Patch, we’re all about drinking tea to get us started off on the right foot each day. A playful mug only heightens the experience! Tease Tea offers a variety of quality mugs featuring all kinds of fun sayings, like “Girl Boss,” “Tea Keeps Me Going Until Wine is Acceptable,” and more. Find a mug that fits the personality of the designer in your life, and let them show off their whimsical side as they sip and work. Perfectly safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

3. Whoosh
Help your designer friend or family member stay healthy this holiday by gifting them tech hygiene! Everything we touch winds up on our devices – even flu germs can be transmitted. Yuck! Whoosh effectively cleans and disinfects all devices –including iPads, mobile phones and desktop computers/laptops. Best of all, its gentle but effective formula will not damage the device. Another cool feature? After application, your device becomes temporarily resistant to fingerprints so you can enjoy an especially clean and clear screen. Make it a germ free holiday for the designer in your life.

4. Easy energy – clean protein powder
Protein powder
All designers can relate: you get caught up on more changes, one more email, one more call and before you know it, the clock shockingly says 3PM and you haven’t had lunch! Our friends at Raw Elements have the perfect solution: nourishing protein powder. It tastes delicious, is 100% vegan, gluten-free and easy to digest. For busy designers, blending up a scoop of protein with fruit, ice and your other favourite healthy ingredients is a fast and effective way to fuel up for those crazy days. For our team’s biggest chocolate lover – Deb – these clean proteins offer a good chocolaty fix.

5. Adhesive art prints
Self adhesive poster
Offices – whether they’re home-based or not – need wall love too! Gift the designer in your life with a beautiful, high quality poster so they can surround themselves with inspiration! Walls Need Love posters are printed on self-adhesive woven fabric – no invasive or unattractive tacks or tape required. They look gorgeous with everything, in any space, and effortlessly move with you.

6. Pantone playing cards
Pantone playing cards
We can’t deny it: a little design freak lives in each of us. This deck of CMYK cards is gorgeous. Imagine the Royals replaced by the new design family: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black! Clever and simple, yet striking, this little stocking stuffer is perfect for wintery cottage nights and sipping cider by the tree. Fan them out and create an amazing gradient hand – a perfect pic for your Instagram account whether you’re a designer or not!

7. Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud
Smart notebook
With a budding illustrator (Elyse) and an eternal doodler (Kim) on our staff, this is the perfect gift for someone like them. Watch paper evolve as the creative process is condensed into a few simple steps. This super cool notebook lets you instantly turn hand-drawn sketches into working digital files. Draw on the page, download the app and see your drawing transformed from paper to screen!

8. Backless Classic Balance Ball Chair

Backless balance ball chair
Designers spend so many hours each week sitting in front of computers creating amazing work for clients, but it doesn’t need to come at the expense of our health. This chair engages your core, relieves pain and helps you to breathe better. It even comes with lockable caster wheels for that moment you get excited about a new piece or receive a lovely email from a client, and almost accidentally roll away from your desks!

9. Portable charging power
Portable charge key
We all know the sad reality that without a phone we cannot live. So why not give the perfect gift of a portable charging table? As small as a household key, this compact but fully capable cable will charge your phone on the go from any USB port. This amazing little gadget allows designers – and anyone – to work or play while connected, uninterrupted and from anywhere.

10. Personalized mobile device cases

Custom device case
What better to do with all of your Instagram pictures than select your favs and make a case of them? This is an especially great gift for shutterbugs, like Lauren and Crystal on our team! With Casetify you can customize your own iPhone, Android, iPad, Samsung or Macbook sleeves using your best social media shares. Not sure you can narrow it down to your favourite pics? You can also shop unique designs from creative around the world!

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