12 Days of Patchmas – Day 8

12 Days of Patchmas - Day 8

12 Days of Patchmas – Day 8

Holiday-ify your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter! Our team has designed a series of profile picture borders for your social media avatars. Choose from our six designs below.

1. 3D Snowflakes
2. Boughs
3. Elves
4. Gift wrap
5. Snow globe
6. Star and snow

Explore the frames above by clicking on each link. Once you’ve found your favourite, download the PNG. If you’re on Photoshop, you will know what to do! If not, here are two easy ways to apply the border to your profile pic. Each step includes an instructional screen capture:

Using Paint:
Step 1. In the Paint program, open the profile picture you’d like to apply the border to.
Step 2. Locate the border image you have downloaded to your computer. Right click it, copy it and paste it into the Paint window.
Step 3. While the border graphic is selected, go to the top toolbar and click “Select” (near top left). Once dropdown menu appears, ensure “Transparent selection” is checked off.
Step 4. Position and size the border atop your picture to your liking. Save the image and update your Facebook and Twitter avatars!

Using Canva:
Step 1. Create account/sign in.
Step 2. Create a Design.
Step 3. Upload images.
Step 4. Drag border image into the artboard and resize/crop.
Step 5. Drag second image into artboard, enlarge to fill space and crop.
Step 6. Select Image and move 2nd image to back using arrange tool in top right.
Step 7. Add text (optional).
Step 8. Download as PNG to your desktop and update your profile pictures!

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