Can you believe it’s been nine years since the glorious introduction of one of the biggest social media platforms of all time? The world is constantly changing and Instagram is no different. When it was first released, Instagram was strictly a photo-sharing platform with very limited features; no hashtags, no Explore tab, no videos, no Stories… well, you get the gist. Two months after its launch in 2010, Instagram gained 1 million users, and in a span of nine years has become a social media powerhouse with over 1 billion users around the world. With so many new features released over the years, it’s no wonder that the Instagram launched in 2010 is a far cry from today’s popular version.


Following in the footsteps of Instagram’s Story Sticker feature comes the new Quiz Sticker, a poll-style feature that enables users to ask a question and pre-set up to four answer options. Similar to the Poll Sticker, story viewers can select one response from the options given. The owner of the story will receive a notification, revealing those who interacted with the feature and their responses.


This blog covers three ways you can strategically integrate the new Quiz Sticker feature to support your social media marketing goals by stimulating engaging with your audience while simultaneously promoting your brand image, philosophy, products, or services.


The Quiz Sticker allows you to take fan engagement to new heights and make your business’ Instagram fun, fresh and exciting. Check out these tactics and strategies to utilize for your next Story campaign.


  1. Promotional sneak peeks

Take your product releases to another level with the Quiz Sticker! You can interact with fans and announce new products, features or services at the same time. Ask followers which product, out of the four options included, will be released first. Include the correct answer, along with three options that are future releases planned for a later date. By doing this, you will let fans know what’s coming next and indirectly tease future releases to come, which may spark conversations among fans. Did you know that 60% of consumers want posts that showcase new products or services? Now you can give fans and consumer something to look forward to in a fun and exciting way!


  1. Educate followers and discover loyal fans

How many of your followers truly understand your business? How many of them know your product, service or brand image? The Quiz Sticker allows you to discover loyal fans within your follower base while simultaneously educating those who know little to nothing about your business. According to the 2018 Sprout Social Index, 59% of consumers want posts that teach something. If consumers want it, give it to them. Pushing out key messages, brand attributes, and/or benefits of a product/service within a single poll will help you determine what your fan base knows. You can also identify super fans who truly love your business. All this information will help you target specific communities, create detailed profiles of who your customers are and what they need, and afford you important insights that will shape your future offerings.


  1. Just for fun

56% of consumers want posts that entertain, which means you’ll have to break out of the habit of sharing strictly self-promotional content. Balance and diversify your content with fun and interactive posts that entertain fans and consumers, even those who are just discovering your products or services for the first time. Use the Quiz Sticker feature to run quiz games and brain teasers that engage Instagram users’ minds. Find topics that strongly relate to your brand and followers, which may include questions from a variety of different topics like pop culture, geography, food and drink, nature, and much more!


What are your thoughts on Instagram’s new Quiz Sticker feature? Have you tried it yet? If so, have you seen an increase in Story engagement and followers? Let us know how you will utilize the new feature in your next campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Posted on June 5, 2019 in SOCIAL MEDIA

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