New Year, New Outlook, New Colour

New Year, New Outlook, New Colour

Pantone Inc., manufacturer of the proprietary Pantone Matching System (PMS) for print and colour-sensitive industries, is one of the foremost authorities on colour. In 2000 they began naming a colour of the year which has influenced fashion and trends ever since.

Here’s a look back at the Pantone colour of the year since 2012.


At the end of 2016 our team made predictions for the 2017 colour of the year as part of our annual holiday Q+A. These were our picks:


Most of us were feeling the dark-vibe – perhaps the influence of the long nights – except Crystal who was ready to party with a bright pink! So did any of us get it right?

Pantone revealed their official 2017 selection on December 8th; a fresh and vibrant pop of yellow-green dubbed “Greenery”.


Green Design Scene

What was your initial reaction when you saw the swatch above? Was it a sense of renewal, or calm thoughts of nature? Maybe it got you pumped up or reminded you of a sick-child in a cartoon? Response to colour is truly unique to each individual, but by pairing it with carefully tailored content and palettes, you can create context to deliver an impactful message.

Below are three examples of Patch clients who use hues similar to Greenery to communicate their individual marketing messages.

Healthy Packaging
Rejuvenating Spring, supplier of farm-fresh foods, uses a bright yellow/green to communicate the nutritional benefits of their sunflower sprouts. The bright hue, paired with crisp white and a clear window helps this package stand out from the competition and display the quality of the produce.


Corporate Communications
With the environmental landscape constantly evolving, Rubidium Environmental needed a way to communicate their position as forward-thinking, environmental consultants. By establishing a harmonious palette of blues, greens and greys into their marketing communications and leveraging attention-grabbing bright-green for calls to action, their pieces effectively delivered on their methodology to quickly deliver top-tier business solutions to clients.


Social Impact
Bright green has proven to be one of the top-converting colours when it comes to advertising on Facebook1.

Raw Elements, an online retailer of organic, whole food and plant based products, frequently utilizes green in their social graphics to entice users to stop and take notice of promotions and product spotlights. Already part of its four brand colours, the hit of greenery positively supports their social media presence and expresses enthusiasm for healthy living.


While it may seem like a simple solution to communicate your stance as a natural product/company, make sure your branding and design doesn’t get lost in a sea of similar-hued competitors. Find a surprising way to use this colour, or pair it with another unexpected hue to create a stand-out palette and grab attention.

More, More, More!
Can’t get enough of this new hue? Here are a few ways you can rock the green scene in your personal life this year!

Inspiration boards made on the Polyvore App

Inspiration boards made on the Polyvore App

How are you going to incorporate fresh and bold Greenery into your year?

Visit the official Greenery page to learn more about the selection and discover colour-palette inspiration.


1. English, S. Facebook & Instagram Sales


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