Patch Holiday Q+A

Ring in the holidays with the crew! How Elyse, Crystal, Deb, Kim and Lauren (pictured left to right) are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Real or pre-light Christmas tree?

C: Real, but we have both.
D: Pre-light 🙂
E: Mini synthetic tree – it’s adorable and saves space.
K: REAL all the way. My family has been cutting down our tree for 41 years now!
L: Real all the way!

2. Favourite holiday movie & song?

C: A Christmas Story & Baby it’s Cold Outside.
DLove Actually & The First Noel.
: Movie: A Christmas Story. Song: Peppermint Winter – Owl City.
KBabes in Toyland.
L: Movie: Home Alone. Song: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Darlene Love.

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3. Were you naughty or nice this year?

C: A little bit of both to keep things interesting.
D: A little bit of both.
E: Nice, as much as possible.
K: A nice girl never tells. Mostly nice.
L: 100% nice.

4. Top 3 things of your Christmas wish list.

C: Sleep, happy children and some new bar stools.
D: Family time, Christmas dinner, sleep.
E: The original Star Wars Trilogy on BluRay, a pair of Chuck IIs, and some new reads.
K: iPod, FitBit, wine.
L: Lush bath products, gift certificates for The Ten Spot and a nice journal.

5. Favourite Christmas baking.

C: Shortbread, mint chocolate and snowball cookies.
DBrigadeiros (sinful Brazilian delicacy)!
E: Mint drizzle bars.
K: My mom’s whipped shortbread.
L: My Auntie Carol’s legendary butter tarts and Kim’s mom’s shortbread.

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6. Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?

C: Hot chocolate or as my son Bennett says, “hot cocoa”.
D: Peppermint Hot Chocolate.
E: Hot Chocolate.
K: Hot Chocolate!! I like my eggs cooked with ham and spinach.
L: Mimosas.

7. Where will we find you on Boxing Day?

C: The mall.
D: Movie theater.
E: Sleeping.
K: During the day, playing with the kidlets and their new swag. Night – Drinking my new wine ;), watching TV shows on DVD with the Husband, probably online shopping on my phone at the same time. Let’s be honest.
L: Hopefully the gym, but probably in my pyjamas marathon-ing some TV show. Last year I was all about Mob Wives.

8. You have $10 to spend in 10 minutes. Go!

C: Tim Horton’s coffee and titbits for the little ones.
D: Drive-thru Second Cup for a London Fog, followed by a pit stop at Wal-Mart for a Hot Wheel for Flynn.
E: As many pens as I could grab in the stationery section at Muji.
K: Lip gloss probably! Kind of have a problem.
L: A lipstick from the drugstore or fashion magazines.

9. Which celebrity crush would you most like to be caught with under the mistletoe with?

C: Channing Tatum.
D: Justin Hartley.
Fashion Santa.
: Oooo can’t choose! Make it a big mistletoe. SOA’s Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and the Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). I don’t always need to be rescued, but when I do, I’d like it to be by these guys.
: That’s tough…probably Tom Hardy or Michael Pitt.

10. What does an average day at Patch look like for you?

C: Early coffee, a few fights with the dog and the couch which moves across the room daily, many Skype conversations with the Patch crew and lots of creative ideas at play.
D: Answer emails, talk to Kim, check-in with team, answer emails, take calls, get work out the door, answer emails past 5PM. Sleep, rise and repeat 😉
E: Lists keep me on track (and sane).
K: Email, phone, Skype, estimate, invoice, design – repeat x 100.
L: No two days are alike, but I’m definitely on Skype, Buffer, Feedly and social media clients’ pages each day.

11. When in doubt, what’s your go-to blog?

C: Dog With a Blog! lol it’s on the Disney Channel.
D: DesignWorkLife.
KScary Mommy. Sometimes you just need to laugh at the insane life you have with other moms.
L: Business: Ragan or Social Media Examiner. Pleasure: Vulture, Broadly, Complex.

12. Favourite hashtag and/or meme of 2015?

C: #photography.
D: This one.
E: Yaasss Cat/All the Things.
KThis dress caused so much drama that I even got in on the debate! Also, as a mom, I really find the “how do I put this?” baby hilarious.
L: Too many good memes out there this year! DJ Khaled is a meme machine. This Vine always makes me laugh. This one also speaks to me. Everything around Drake/Hotline Bling was funny too.

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13. Proudest Patch accomplishment of 2015?

C: Being able to combine my photography with many of our projects.
D: Rising above. For every twist and turn we took, we stayed intact and together. Plus, I gave birth to a new Patch baby – literally on my birthday 😉
E: Every email received from a happy client.
K: Completing our amazing team.
L: We created some super high-performing content for Tosca Reno that I’m really proud of – this infographic is an example that instantly comes to mind. Ghostwriting an eBook this month for a client is also up there. Can’t wait for it to launch in early 2016!

14. New Year’s Resolution?

C: Eating healthier and spending as much time with the kids as possible.
D: Make Patch’s 2016 the best year yet!
E: Getting back to the life drawing studio on a regular basis.
K: Positive change. So many things need to change or improve. My goal is to embrace as many of those things as possible, seek them out and also help others do the same. Everyone has the ability to see the past and improve upon it. It applies to every aspect of our lives. Standing still will never get you or anyone else to be better or help better the world.
L: Personally: get my bod wedding-ready. Professionally: make sure I eat something before going to meetings or events and attend more networking events.

15. Plans for New Year’s Eve?

C: Kicking back, ordering in Chinese food and enjoying a few drinks with family and friends.
D: Shucking oysters and playing board games all night! At midnight we pause to remember and toast my dad 🙂
E: Wherever the night takes me.
K: House party down the street. Bringing out the Pie Face game to make things interesting.
L: Dinner at Mattson&Co with my fiancé.


Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Crystal, Deb, Elyse, Kim & Lauren

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