Top 20 of 2016

Top 20 of 2016

Top 20 of 2016

2016 has been quite the ride for many of us! Our team members are recounting their favourite moments and things of last year.

1. The best thing I did all year was…

Crystal: Capture memorable moments for close friends.
Deb: Successfully run a business AND raise happy kids.
Eylse: Indoor Skydiving at iFly!
Kim: Enjoy a family trip to Disney, all 12 of us!
Lauren: See my best friend become a first time mother!

2. Favourite meme and/or hashtag

C: Valentine’s meme – “ARE YOU GOOGLE? Becauseyou have everything I’m searching for.”
D: Michael Phelps – Bulldog Face.
E: Alternative Animal Names (Cat Snake, Trash Panda and Danger Noodle!)
K: I can’t choose, I love memes. Just ask the tons of people I send them too. There was one with a baby roaring in a lion costume that I found particularity amusing for many reasons. Right Deb?! 😉
L: Joe Biden trolling Trump memes.


3. Favourite social channel

C: Instagram.
D: Instagram.
E: I’m all about Instagram and Behance this year.
K: This year I developed a love for Pinterest.
L: Instagram.

4. Most used word/expression of the Year

D: The F Word. I’m a firm believer that the word is the perfect adjective for a funny, frustrating or simple situation.
E: What?!
K: It’s not appropriate for this questionnaire. Those who are close to me know I have a bit of a potty mouth.
L: K cool.

5. Favourite emoticon

C: 😍
D: 😂
K: 😋 🍷
L: 😍 😑

6. Favourite moment in popular culture

C: Hysterical sketches about the 2016 Presidential Election that made me laugh and think.
D: Game of Thrones – Hodor Reveal.
E: Every episode of James Corden Carpool Karaoke (Especially the one with Michelle Obama)/Leo finally winning an Oscar.
K: Is it bad I just Googled “2016 year in review” to see if anything stands out? I’ve got nothing. Though I know a lot happened.
L: Ryan’s Lochte’s Olympics scandal. Too crazy to be true, but it was!

7. Most memorable controversy

C: Trump and Hillary debates.
D: Staying up till 3am in disbelief to see Donald Trump elected.
E: The cast of Hamilton sharing a message of hope for an inclusive country with the Vice President Elect.
K: TRUMP. Even I got into politics.
L: #KimExposedTaylorParty. *Avoiding talking politics intensifies*


8. Favourite book read

C: Christmas stories to the kids, like Elf on a Shelf.
D: I got all my literature in this year from reading to Flynn – does that count? Between Scaredy Squirrel, Robert Munsch and The Berenstain Bears – I didn’t finish anything else I started!
E: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.
K: Is it bad that this year I didn’t finish one book for myself, but read a children’s book almost every night of the year?
L: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

9. Favourite fashion trend

C: The retro return of velvet.
D: The return of plaid and anything burgundy!
E: Flannel shirts.
K: If it has leather on it, I may have to buy it.
L: Metallics.

10. Favourite movie

C: Deadpool and Dory.
D: For a movie lover like me it’s a tough one!! I’d say Deadpool.
E: Kubo and the Two Strings.
K: Bad Moms.
L: Favourite movie I watched in 2016: Evil Dead remake. I don’t think I saw any movies released in 2016.

11. Favourite song

C: Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake.
D: Oh what the heck? I gotta admit I kept Bieber on if he came up on the radio all year. His music this year was pretty catchy.
E: Push + Pull – July Talk.
K: Heathens.
L: Not sure! Probably Love on the Brain by Rihanna.


12. Favourite advertisement or campaign

C: Under Armour’s I Will What I Want.
D: Fav Ad: Loved Coca-Cola’s “Hey Brother”. I envision my boys in the future, except Ottis is the older brother here 😉 Most Gripping Campaign: Sandy Hook Promise – Don’t Ignore What’s In Front of Your Eyes.
E: Chatbooks.
K: SO many to chose from, but the new Sick Kids campaign is pretty incredible.
L: Sick Kids.

13. Favourite memory with the Patch team

C: Our recent GIRL’S NIGHT OUT!
D: Being able to take Crystal – who hadn’t been away in 8 years from her kids – and the team away to Niagara Falls for the weekend. Love these girls!!
E: Dining and Dancing in Niagara Falls with the whole team.
K: Niagara!
L: Niagara Falls holiday party. Specifically, all of us dancing to “Get Low” by Lil Jon.

14. Favourite professional tool or resource discovered this year

C: My brand new iMac.
D: Bright Side and Marketing Dive – so many things on here inspire everyday life and work!
E: Bullet journaling.
K: Mailchimp. It’s not new, but learning more about its awesome features makes me happy.
L: Post Planner. Very cool concept.

15. Favourite new Patch client

C: Raw Elements.
D: I’ll cheat a little here – technically not new but we reached new heights – Raw Elements. So much fun to work on all aspects of their business.
E: LaDeeDa Sauces.
K: I’ll never tell.
L: Air Riderz.

16. Professional triumph

C: Quicker turnarounds.
D: Designing a 32 page ‘zine in less than 2 days without any client changes 🙂
E: Getting through my to do list each week.
K: Surviving 2016, I mean this in the best way possible. Thanks to my awesome team.
L: Doing more Facebook advertisement testing. It’s been really interesting to learn different strategies and see the results.

17. Favourite project you worked on?

C: Coco Safar.
D: Black Friday Promotion – Social Media & Sales Campaign. Loved to plan it then watch and measure results!
E: Bean There, Done That – The Soybean Story.
K: Phoenix Attitude Tough Mudder social project. Way to go Jenna!
L: Black Friday promotion for Raw Elements.

18. Best lesson learned?

C: Back Up all files on your computer.
D: Hard work pays off. I happen to have the best business partner I could ever ask for and we did together what most people would run away from – when the going gets tough work smarter and don’t give up.
E: Sometimes you just need a day to do nothing.
K: It takes time.
L: Double checking something is nice, but triple checking is even nicer.


19. Who inspired you, professionally?

C: Kim Phillips and Deb Von Sychowski.
D: My brother. He setup an idea for us in January that got Patch back on track and into a successful 2016. He’s always full of innovative, simple ideas. Thanks for the wisdom little brother!
E: Meg Lewis.
K: Deb – I’d implode without her. My parents – my business genes come from them. Marie Forleo – her outlook is always on point and honest.
L: My parents. Their work ethic is incredible.

20. Oops, I’m happy to leave this in 2016…

C: Lack of sleep, sickness and a broken computer.
D: I keep hearing that for many 2016 was not a good year. I can’t say I feel the same. It was a tough working year but with good upside! Here’s hoping 2017 is setup because of this year’s groundwork 🙂
E: A temporary obsession with Dr. Pepper.
K: Deb being off for 6 months 😉 Life is a lot smoother when she’s around!
L: Wedding planning.

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