Patch Design, a team of multi-talented fierce humans who can tackle any project and #slay it.

Our team is YOUR dream team! From design and marketing, to branding and social media management, we really are your one-stop-shop! 

Like a wheel peg, each one of us is an expert in our respective fields and when we come together there is no stopping us.



We’re savvy, energetic and extremely motivated! Need proof? Our various social posts give you a casual glimpse into our creative minds.

Below are some of our favourite highlights from Patch’s social that you MUST scroll through.

How we handled social in a pandemic!

Remember when WFH was super trendy? Well, we can confidently say we were on that trend LONG before it was even a thing! We’ve been in business for more than 12 years and have yet to have ‘an office’. Noodle on that! Since the quarantine started though, we hadn’t dressed up in a hot minute to visit any clients, so we put together this fun video showing off our individuality, editing skills AND the beauty that goes along with our brains.

Work From Home Patch
Patch Starbucks Social Video

Conspiracy theories were also a hot topic during the past year. While we read and chuckled at some, our team had a theory that totally makes sense! It’s no secret that our minds are always thinking about marketing and branding, so when we unlocked Starbucks’ tactics, we had to share it with our followers!

Female empowerment and advancement is a topic we are extremely passionate about. For International Women’s Day, it was important to us to show that even though we are all at different points in our lives and come from various ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes – we are ALL successful women. For us, success is measured differently for every person, and every definition is absolutely valid!

Patch Starbucks Social Video
St Paddy Day Patch

St. Patty’s Day was without a doubt, the most fun we’ve had re-creating a trend! No description needed for this one. Simply watch, take in the power of editing and get to know a team that is up for ANYTHING… even Irish dancing!