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Swipe right on a social media strategy, content and ads that can pack a punch (even in 280 characters or less). From online communities to your biggest Stans – Patch Design is here to have ‘em smashing that like button! #ItsAPatchDesignLife

Solutions & Strategies
for Social Media

From boomers to zoomers, your community is in a social state of mind – new customers and longstanding clients alike are doing their research and looking to see what brands bring to the digital landscape. It’s probably no surprise that Patch Design is a sociable bunch and our social media mavens have got you covered!

Social media is a key component to your brand’s digital identity in today’s marketplace and knowing what to leverage, and how to do it is vital. We’ve got just the ticket (yes it IS gold) to help direct your social strategy, from making sure you’re on the right channel, to dialing up social media profiles, to planned out social media calendars to witty content creation and on-the-pulse community management.

Whether you want to roast ‘em (we love you @Wendys), leave them in stiches, or feeling your love and support, Patch Design will work with

you to create digital content that serves up personality, matching your business and resonating with your online community – wherever they’re feeding. 

Dynamic social content and strategy can get your business trending in the right direction. Patch Design has the social spark to help you blow up your feeds, with a finger on the pulse of changing trends and extensive knowledge of social media channels. #TFWYouSlayTheDay


ABC Swing

Social Media Services

Social Profiles & Planning
  • Identifying opportunities and an overall social media strategy to meet your social media goals and support your digital marketing plans.
  • Updating or setting up social accounts and profiles using best practices across strategically chosen platforms.
  • Analyzing social media channel metrics and/or competitor research.
Advertising & Influencer Marketing
  • Developing social media and digital ad campaigns as well as influencer marketing strategies.
  • Planning, designing, copywriting and targeting effective social media ads and campaigns across social platforms.
  • Reporting and analyzing results from social media campaigns.
Content Creation & Graphics
  • Creating written and visual content for social media posts that maximize engagement, campaigns goals and support your brand’s persona.
  • Social media management packages that include delivering ongoing planned social media content and scheduling branded posts across multiple social media platforms.
Community Management & Reputation
  • Moderating your online community across social media platforms to maintain a positive brand presence.
  • Engaging with your social media community in a meaningful, on-brand manner that maximizes brand loyalty and trust.
  • Rebranding and reputation-repair social media strategies and solutions.


Trend upward with social media services from Patch Design!