This is how we do it

Did you sing the title? Because we did. We’re a full-service creative agency.
Your ideas plus our combined expertise equals the dream team.

We are designers, strategists, digital gurus, social mavericks, and we simply love what we do!

At Patch Design, we pride work-life balance over a fancy office and are suckers for good puns. We offer a diverse selection of skills, and since we all live in different cities, we can let you know the best eats in at least 6 different locations across the GTA!

Great design and creative thinking are what we do best. Regardless of your industry, we know that a solid foundation in branding and digital strategy are
core skills needed to succeed. 


Once we get the chance to know you and your business, our goal isn’t to just solve your marketing problems (sorry we aren’t therapists), but we also happen to know how to help your business grow.

We work as an agency to your business, or better yet, an extension of your team! Whatever your dreams, goals, or scribbled notes on a paper napkin may be, we are ready to get creative and give your brand the attention it deserves.

Two women, a lunchroom & a salad.

Deb had been working at a studio in Brampton for 5 years and had her eyes set on leaving when Kim walked in through the door. While Deb helped to hire Kim at the studio, Kim proved to be someone Deb couldn’t leave behind! Cut to a couple years later, over a summer salad in the lunchroom of the studio they met at, the two had a candid conversation about opening up their own agency, together. Imagine two women, working for themselves and establishing true work-life balance where Fridays off were a reality and a small, driven staff was just enough. They brainstormed the name of their future agency and agreed it needed to cleverly encompass the idea of them being the conduits to helping clients solve their branding problems. In a matter of minutes (cuz isn’t that how the best ideas are often created?) Patch was born!

Enter 2009’s recession with the downsizing of the studio where they met, and Patch Design quickly became a must-launch reality, yesterday! Right from the start, Deb & Kim both began working from their homes, hopping between dining room tables and cozy bedroom nooks. On a cloudy afternoon (just kidding we don’t remember the weather that day) an RFP through Kijiji sealed their fate! Who would have thought?! They were rewarded their first project as Patch Design, and the rest is history.  

If you’re wondering what happened to that RFP client over 10+ years ago, you’ll be happy to know they are STILL a client at Patch! Just like Homesense, clients come to us with one thing in mind, but end up getting hooked and sticking around for so much more! We’re beaming with pride when we say, many of our clients have been long standing and continue to either work with us, or refer additional business. That’s just how we roll! And believe us, we thank the universe daily because living the dream actually IS a thing here at Patch!


Picture of Kim & Deb - Co-owners of Patch Design

Our Awesome Team

Deb Von Sychowski

Deb Von Sychowski

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Turning small talk into real talk comes naturally – in a different life I’d be in psychology. Lover of books, sarcasm and equality ?  Best bribed with chocolate.
Kim Phillips

Kim Phillips

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Pretty much up for anything – dare me. Striving to learn to be a better human and ally to those around me. #equityfirst ☀️ Take a hike – it’s beautiful out there!  

Elyse Maxwell - RGD

Elyse Maxwell - RGD


When not creating, I like to unwind by reading stacks of books, hiking the local trails or daydreaming about travel. I currently serve on the RGD BoD.
Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen


Not to sound Corny, but you can Corn on me. Sweet & sassy, lover of the outdoors, unique like a Uni-Corn & wise like Obi Wan Cornobi. Everyday is A-MAIZ-ING!
Melissa Dlugokecki

Melissa Dlugokecki

Digital Marketer/Social Media

Making people smile & creativity is my jam. Hot summer days are what I live for! “You’re the only one who can fill the world with sunshine.” ~ Snow White

Katelynn Nangle

Katelynn Nangle

Content Creator/Social Media

Lover of potatoes and naps, big fan of books, will pet every dog I meet and can often be found camping in the woods, or cleaning to a true crime podcast.

Theresa P-Ritson

Theresa P-Ritson


A dash of bookworm, splash of cider, dose of Dad humour and lacquer of feminism…that’s basically this gal – comin’ to ya from the West/Best/Left Coast.

Our Values


We are more than creators, we’re deep thinkers! Can we make something look pretty? SURE! Can we evolve the idea to deliver impact and the right communication? YOU BET! Design is a strategic tool, a problem-solving tool, a comms tool and we’ve earned a seat at the table to offer our clients the competitive advantage.


It’s our secret sauce! When people work together towards a common goal amazing things can happen. Partners. Agency. Outsourced Team. White Label. Call us what you want – we work as an extension of your team. We’re flexible like that.


With a true love for all things design, you can expect some serious creative genius! When you knock on our virtual inbox and talk to us in business speak, we listen, communicate, create (sometimes revise) and ultimately build brand power with results driven strategies. We are empowered to do the best for our clients – always!  

Work-Life Balance

We’re fearless! We’re don’t shy away from big clients with multi-deadline driven projects or smaller clients dreaming big and wanting to carve a space in this world. Our hands-on approach for the finer details allow us to live the way we believe: everything must have work-life balance. Without this, we wouldn’t exist.

We were introduced to Patch Design approximately 5 years ago and they have met every single need plus more! Our ever-expanding social media reach, website, catalogue, mailings and design work have been professionally and perfectly done – we are very proud of all our marketing material – it is fantastic!! Everyone at Patch Design is an absolute pleasure to work with and have become part of our ever-expanding business family.

Dawn, Owner, Raw Elements