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Patch Design eats, sleeps and breathes bringing brands to life! We work alongside any team to make sure the outcome is exactly what you had envisioned, dreamed or scribbled on a paper napkin!

What’s in a Brand Strategy?


Your brand isn’t just what you show and tell to the world – it’s also how the world receives you! Branding is the ultimate lifeline that connects a company and its community. Whether you are a start-up looking to launch a new brand or an established business looking for a tune-up, our team of brand strategists have the expertise and insights to map out a cohesive plan. We’ll help propel your brand in today’s market place and enable you to reach your target customer base with a look, voice and feel that’s oh-so right.


Living in a material AND digital world means you’ve got more opportunity than ever before to reach customers who love your brand and want to shout it out from their rooftops with pride and loyalty. With a few handy tools in our power belts, Patch Design can help you build your brand’s personality (we know you’ve got oodles of it). We’ll take into account you unique value proposition and enhance it with aesthetics to create a seamless branding package that embodies you!

There’s no better time for playing in today’s growing consumer culture and we’re excited to get your brand there! From timeless to spot-on trends, Patch Design’s team of innovators have the creative chops and strategy smarts to get your brand popping.  

Brand Strategy & Creative Design

Brand Positioning
  • Identifying the type of brand positioning that will resonate best with your audience.
  • Developing and creating a complete brand strategy and plan to effectively communicate the story you want to tell.
  • Evaluating how your brand is currently perceived by your customers and community.
Logo & Identity
  • Designing your brand’s logo or updating your visual identity.
  • Defining your brand personna and creative direction.
  • Delivering branding guidelines that detail who your brand is, and how it is presented, including typography, colours slogans/taglines and dos/donts.
Design & Collateral
  • Staking out your brand’s reputation in your community.
  • Strategically planned branded marketing materials geared to reach target customers and attract brand loyalty.
  • The sky’s the limit! From blog posts to white papers, brochures to flyers and beyond.
Brand Voice
  • Identifying your brand’s personality and how it feels.
  • Creating a complete profile for your brand that clarifies the words, tone, language and emotions it uses to convey your messaging and distinct personality to your community.

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