Package Design

Sure, any old thing can take you from A to B – but if you really want to establish brand rapport with your customers – get ready to walk your talk with #DesignThatConnects.

Professional Package Design

From CPG to stand-up pouches, labels to shrink wrap, smart packaging solutions show your product at its best and enhance your brand’s ability to stand out on a crowded shelf. While your product may speak for itself, you’ve got an opportunity to go the extra mile with your packaging and connect with your customers – we’re ready with the ideas and design whenever you are!

Your product is always the star of the show, but messaging and presentation are supporting roles that take you directly to the winning consumer podium! Patch Design’s complete package design services get you stage-ready and consumer hungry.

A great package design has a triple-threat approach: saying what you need to say (there are compliancy rules after all!), communicate what you *want* to say and visual appeal that screams “pick me”. Yup, we unwrap all the possibilities to make your product a screaming success.

Emzone Package Design

Package Design

  • Creating concepts that match your brand’s identity, vision, values and target demographic.
  • Designing visually appealing packaging, brand identity, communication and graphics.
  • Identifying key opportunities to reinforce your brand awareness and customer loyalty.
3D Renders
  • Providing product packaging design mock-ups and renders so you can get a complete overview of your package’s real-life shelf impact.
  • Professional product photography to support your online eCommerce presence and offline marketing.
  • Custom lifestyle and food  photography to add to the front of your package or business collateral.
Print Management
  • Taking your product packaging from master design to packaging compliancy requirements through to prepress and printing.


Let us help you with professionally designed packaging.