Video & Animation

Camera, filters, action! Show off your brand with a “make it trend” attitude
– Patch Design is here to help with custom video creation and animations. 

Play On with Video and Animation

Grainy content, get on outta here! Nowadays if you want consumers’ love you’ll have to get with their feeds using flawless visuals and dynamic high-quality content. Patch Design is here to help you deliver your story in a way that makes them stop scrolling and take notice. 

Video content has high engagement rates in the digital space and setting the stage in the first three seconds is crucial. Patch Design is well-versed in digital content creation and our stars are ready to serve up original video content that brings your brand shining to life on all types of screens.

From explainer video series to animated infographics to branded GIFs made just for you, we have a full range of animation and video creation services to send your message soaring over the digital noise. Ready to debut your content to impact conversation and conversions with your audience? Bring on the closeups dahling!

Our Values

Digital Campaigns
  • Complete video content creation for your business or organization as part of a marketing campaign strategy, or as a stand-alone video.
  • Designing and creating animated infographics, GIFs and other types of digital images
Explainer Videos
  • Full scripting and production for custom explainer videos, whether created to serve as stand-alone video content or launch a complete video series.
Social Media Videos
  • Planning concepts and full production of videos for all social media channels, including video graphics and copywriting.
  • Editing submitted videos from your audience (i.e. video contests submissions).
Animation & Voiceover
  • Videos may be scripted and created using your own images and photography, sourced images or custom animation.
  • Doing voiceover and creating captioning for videos.


Get your brand rolling with custom video content.