“LOOK.AT.THIS!” – Said excited customers seeing your brand everywhere. Patch Design is ready to capture your product’s good side! (And yes, saying cheese is always optional). 

Photography for Brands

Rule your social media feeds with share-worthy snaps, create eye-catching ad campaigns with lifestyle images, show off your business in a unique way that leaves competition far behind. Patch Design knows how to capture a complete narrative for your business – and we’ve got the photos to prove it!

You know what they say, pics or it didn’t happen. Patch Design’s in-house photographers have the right flare (and professional equipment) to snap crisp product photos, lifestyle portraits, yummy dishes and picture-perfect team shots that meet the top standards of your customers, followers and attract ambassadors! What’s inside counts, but first you have to get them to stop and pay attention. Get styling and watch your audience fall in love at first sight!

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, service or lifestyle-based brand – your audience wants to know you and your story. Adding personalized visuals to your online presence and traditional marketing helps separate you from the competition and open opportunities for engagement and connections. From ads and package design to Facebook and eCommerce, bring your brand to life with photography that makes a lasting impression.

Photography Services

Products & Packaging
  • Professional product photography and editing services for consumer packaging and food recipes.
  • Package design services also available.
  • Natural photoshoots to present your brand’s lifestyle and messaging.
  • Complete concepts capturing real stories to inspire customers and get them to engage with your brand.
  • Top quality professional recipe photography including food styling and props
  • Perfect for websites, social media, advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks.  
Social Graphics
  • From lifestyle to creative product placement, custom photography and graphics are ideal for use across social media channels.
  • Animation and video content creation services also available.